#VMworld2015: vRealize Automation 7 Briefing Notes

vmworld2015-logoI was fortunate to attend a vExpert briefing for vRA.Next, which was announced this morning to be vRealize Automation 7. The briefing was run by Jad El-Zein (@virtualjad) along with Grant Orchard (@grantorchard), Brian Graf (@vbriangraf), Kimberly Delgado (@KCDAutomate) and Jon Schulman (@vaficionado) – if that list of names doesn’t fill you with confidence for vRA.Next, then I suggest you follow them on twitter and trust me that it’s a crack team!


#VMworld2015: Pre-event and Partner Day

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vmworld2015-logoMy trip started with a farcical attempt to fly – my 11:50am flight on Sunday didn’t leave ‘til 3:30pm, but in light of William Lam’s travel woes on the same day, I don’t think I’ll complain to heavily. After a quick stop off at the Fira to register and grab my VMworld bag and I headed off to meet DefinIT co-author Simon (@simoneady) at our AirBnB apartment (which, by the way is awesome and a whole load cheaper than a hotel).

Sunday evening we headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona for the annual vRockstar event, which was pretty good. The venue was packed but it was great to meet some old and new faces and drink some free beer. The less said about the rum and coke (90% rum, 5% coke, 5% ice) the better.


#VMworld2015: VCIX-NV Exam Experience

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vmworld2015-logoFor the last few years at VMworld I’ve taken advantage of the discounted exam price and booked a “have-a-go” exam – typically an exam I’ve been wanting to do but not necessarily had the time I wanted to study for it. Since I have been fairly immersed in the NSX world for the last week, sitting in an NSX design and deploy class and surrounded by some very smart networking guys, I changed my “have-a-go” exam from the VCP6-CMA to the VCIX-NV.

The exam experience was a double edged sword – on the one hand I really enjoyed the tasks and found all the questions to be fair. On the other hand I found the latency and the interface to be a real struggle, I needed to reload the web interface 20-30 times, each time costing me 30 seconds – that’s 10-15 minutes of wasted time. I also had to be swapped over to another terminal because mine crashed, with 10 minutes to go to the end.

The exam room was cold…very cold. Nearly four hours in a t-shirt in a heavily air-conditioned room and I was shivering. I should’ve learned from the last time but I didn’t! It’s also a long time to go without a drink too – I was gasping by the time I left.

My initial impression was that I’d failed the exam – I didn’t complete several (3-4) of the questions and I made a mistake early on which I had to spend a long time unpicking. After and hour and 20 minutes I’d only completed 4 of the 18 questions. So when I hit the “finish” button I assumed I’d have a 10 day wait for a failure – fortunately the exam was marked and the result sent to me a couple of hours after the exam was completed, a pass with a decent score Smile

I’d recommend anyone planning to do the exam to go through the blueprint – Martijn Smit (@smitmartijn) has a great VCIX-NV study guide based on the blueprint which you can also download in PDF format. There are two VMware Hands On Labs that cover all of the blueprint functionality, so I would strongly recommend doing those too – and you can do the HOL but not follow any of the guides – break it and fix it.

#VMworld2015 – Just getting started

vmworld2015-logoIt’s PEX (Partner Exchange Day) at VMworld today so its busy but not the Tuesday (first day) of VMworld busy, last night saw a fantastic #vRockstar party and a great chance to meet and have a beer with many vTwitteratti.







Today of course has been largely overshadowed by the big new concerning the Dell announcement to purchase EMC which has triggered a great deal of discussion and a healthy amount of banter and snark! It should be interesting to see how it all pans out and tomorrows keynote will have a great deal of interest regarding any comments on the matter.

The hang out area looks awesome as you can see..






The evenings entertainment, we are spoilt for choice, vExpert, VMUG and PernixData are all having their respective parties. so I am looking forward to getting along and meeting more of the community and enjoying a beer (or more).

Tomorrow it will really begin and I am looking forward to getting stuck in to a few sessions, helping out in the VMUG Lounge and enjoying more of the goodness that is VMworld.