Getting started with vRealize Log Insight 4.3 for vRealize Automation 7

| 14/03/2017 | Tags: , , , , ,

In this humble consultant’s opinion, Log Insight is one of the most useful tools in the administrator’s tool belt for troubleshooting vRealize Automation. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to help troubleshoot an issue that, when asked, people don’t know which log they should be looking at. The simple fact is that vRealize Automation has a lot of log files. Correlating these log sources to provide an overall picture is a painful, manual process – unless you have Log Insight!

Installing the Content Packs

In order to get the full picture of what’s going on during a vRA deployment you will likely need to correlate logs from vRA, vRO and NSX. Installing and configuring these is pretty easy.

I am going to assume the vSphere integration has already been configured, and all ESXi hosts are forwarding their logs to Log Insight already. (more…)

Running Platypus in Docker on Photon with AppCatalyst

| 03/02/2016 | Tags: , , ,

Just a quick little post this morning! Anyone who works with the vRealize Automation APIs should definitely check out Grant Orchard and Roman Tarnavski’s awesome little side project, Platypus.

It only took me a couple of minutes to get it running on my MacBook – here’s how!

Download and install AppCatalyst

Open a new terminal window

cd /opt/vmware/appcatalyst/

Create a new VM called “photon”

appcatalyst vm create photon

Power it on

appcatalyst vmpower on photon

Get the VM’s IP address

appcatalyst guest getip photon

SSH to the IP

ssh -i /opt/vmware/appcatalyst/etc/appcatalyst_insecure_ssh_key photon@<IP Address>

Run the Platypus docker image:

sudo docker run --rm -p 80:8080 vmware/platypus

Browse to the interface: