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Written by Simon Eady on 23/8/2016
Published under vRealize Operations
So the latest release of vROps has some cool new things and at a very high level below are the key stand out improvements and changes. I will do a more deep dive in the next few days. You can get the release notes here. You can download it here. New home dashboard Improved WLP and DRS integration Improved Workload Dashboard Wizard now available for policy creation or amendment Improved visibility of Data collection status Many new Hardening policies (6.
Written by Simon Eady on 29/1/2016
Published under VMware and vRealize Operations
vRealize Operations 6.2 was released last night and is now available for download! Looking at what’s new very quickly there are some good new enhancements but when you compare this to the 6.1 release it’s perhaps a little light, nevertheless there appears to be some new cool features and enhancements to be had in this version. There does not appear to be any sizing/scale increases. Upgrading from existing 6.1 versions can be done via a .
Written by Simon Eady on 6/9/2013
Published under VMware and vSphere
With vSphere 5.5 being announced at VMworld San Francisco I was very eager to see what was new and after devouring all of the great blog posts out there of the guys in attendance I wanted to summarize in my own way the aspects I think are great! **VMDK 2TB limitation removed! (also virtual mode RDMs) ** This has to be one of the best pieces of news as it has been in the rear trying to accommodate really large VMs (changes affect both VMFS and NFS)