Office 2007

Written by Sam McGeown on 5/2/2009
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Just a quick note on a little error I had installing OCS 2007. We have a lot of users that are set up to run services for applications - as such we have a fairly tightly controlled group policy regarding the permissions required to run as a service. This causes the error above to occur because the newly created users aren’t given permissions to run a service. The solution is to add the newly created users to our Application Service group.
Written by Sam McGeown on 22/5/2008
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It seems that the nice people at Microsoft were looking out for us, lest the evil people in the world see how we categorise our email, and decided to strip away any category information from sent and received objects by default. Sure, I understand if you were categorising emails from someone as “sneaky git” or “numbnuts” then you might not be too happy about sending those out…but really it should be your choice right?