Configuring Update Manager Download Service 6.7 on CentOS/RHEL 7 with SSL certificates
14/03/2019 | Sam

Most vSphere admins are more than comfortable with using Update Manager to download patches and update their environment, but few that I talk to actually know a huge amount about the Update Mangaer Download Service (UMDS). UMDS is tool you can install to download patches (and third party VIBs – I’ll get to that) for […]

Am I the best I can be right now?
08/03/2019 | Simon

It has been a few years since I read (and lost) a great article on career progression and personal insight. That article helped me relax into who I am from a professional point of view, but it also challenged me. I have been in IT for over 20 years now and in truth the first […]

VCAP7-CMA Design Exam Experience
27/02/2019 | Simon

For the last month I had been preparing for the VCAP7-CMA Design exam and I am very glad to say I passed on my first attempt. Oddly I found it slightly easier than the VCP7-CMA but that I suspect is down to the fact I spend a lot of my time designing and implementing solutions […]

Lab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 1: Pre-requisites
08/02/2019 | Sam

Posts in this seriesLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 1: Pre-requisitesLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 2: PostgreSQL InstallationLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 3: NFS Server InstallationLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 4: RabbitMQ […]

New Year, new things oh and a VCP7-CMA
26/01/2019 | Simon
VCP7-CMA Badge

It has been a while since I have had time to write a blog post, the last quarter of last year was pretty crazy from a work point of view. Regardless, it is now a New Year and my tech focus is turning very much on CMP related things particularly vRealize Automation. (I am also […]

Enable vCenter High Availability with vRealize Orchestrator
21/09/2018 | Sam

Just a quick post today to cover a new vRO action and workflow I’ve uploaded to GitHub that configures vCenter High Availability in the basic mode. This is based on William Lam’s excellent PowerShell module that does the same, but using vRO. I also hope to release a version for the advanced mode based on […]

Things we can look forward to seeing in #vROps 7.0
06/09/2018 | Simon

I did a quick search online and could not find a collated list so, by way of a quick summary from all the VMworld 2018 announcements and comments my good friend and PM for vRealize Operations Sunny Dua has made, I have collated a list of what we can expect to see in the next iteration […]

Monitoring temperature and humidity with a Raspberry Pi 3, DHT22 sensor, InfluxDB and Grafana
24/07/2018 | Sam

I recently started looking into ways of monitoring the temperature and humidity in my garage – for two reasons. Firstly, I have my lab workload cluster out there in the form of a Dell C6100, and I’ve noticed with the recent weather that the temperature in there gets…a bit warm. Secondly, I like to brew […]

Cisco SG300 – Static route not showing, but already exists?
17/07/2018 | Simon

OK, so recently I had been setting up NSX in my lab and I wanted to create some static routes on my SG300-20 so I could access the VMs that were on my NSX network. I added the VLAN I wanted to use and added a VLAN interface. All good. I went ahead and added […]