Written by Sam McGeown on 10/8/2010
Published under Microsoft
If you’re having trouble accessing OWA after updating Exchange 2010 with any of the Rollup packages, try this: Uninstall the update package from the Programs and Features control panel Download the package file directly from Microsoft, don’t use Windows Update Open a command prompt or PowerShell prompt as Administrator Navigate to the location of the package (.msp) and run from the elevated command prompt.
Written by Sam McGeown on 16/7/2008
Published under Microsoft
Outlook Web access is a fantastic tool for our company, providing on-the-go access to people’s mailboxes - which is of course secured by SSL and uses Forms Based Authentication. Internally, we have an intranet portal that allows us to access the various systems - one of which is OWA. One of the stipulations for this internal portal is that it is all Single Sign On using NTLM authentication integrated authentication.