Simon Eady

Simon Eady

An IT Professional with 20 years’ experience with broad technical and managerial experience, which has enabled him to deliver high quality, correctly scaled, easy to use IT solutions which are on budget and in line with business needs and requirements in any environment.

A leader of the Bristol and South West VMUG (VMware User Group)

Technology Specialities: vRealize Operations Manager (vROps), VMware vSphere, vRealize Automation (vRA), and not to shabby with the rest of the VMware stack.

Simon is currently working for Xtravirt as a Senior consultant and can usually be found on twitter @simoneady

vExpert 2014-2020

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Written by Simon Eady on 3/1/2014
Published under VMware
After attending the “Future of IT” Google hangout in September, I was asked to give a quick summary on what 2014 may hold. So without further ado.. I believe in 2014, we will see an increased demand for - and usage of - hybrid clouds, especially among SMEs who are trying to avoid large investment on private clouds to accommodate high demand, short term projects. End user computing will play an ever larger role, with BYOD becoming even more viable for businesses, including those with strict data controlled environments.
Written by Simon Eady on 8/10/2013
Published under VMware
Recently I had the privilege to be asked to attend a Google hangout with Joe Baguley (VMware CTO EMEA), Paul Saffo (Technology Forecaster) and several other well known guys from the VMUG community VMware - The future of IT Google Hangout It was a first for me but a really enjoyable experience. Questions that were asked in the hour long session were.. To jump to specific questions, see the links below:
Written by Simon Eady on 11/9/2013
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South West VMware User Group: The Facts, The Figures, And The Events The South West VMware User Group launches in the UK, bringing the best of VMware and the user community to The West, South West and South Wales. The leadership team is pleased to announce the South West VMware User Group (VMUG). Meeting in Bristol at the crossroads to the South West, The West Country, South Wales and the Midlands, meetings will begin early in 2014, to bring together virtualization customers, end users and enthusiasts in an informal social setting for discussion, learning and engagement.
Written by Simon Eady on 6/9/2013
Published under VMware and vSphere
With vSphere 5.5 being announced at VMworld San Francisco I was very eager to see what was new and after devouring all of the great blog posts out there of the guys in attendance I wanted to summarize in my own way the aspects I think are great! **VMDK 2TB limitation removed! (also virtual mode RDMs) ** This has to be one of the best pieces of news as it has been in the rear trying to accommodate really large VMs (changes affect both VMFS and NFS)
Written by Simon Eady on 21/8/2013
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Just a quick note to say that I made it in to a recent book release as a contributor and naturally I am delighted and proud! You can find out more here - vSphere Design Pocketbook  
Written by Simon Eady on 31/7/2013
Published under VMware and vSphere
It’s been a really great year so far and incredibly busy (no complaints though!)VMware products have featured very high on my to-do list so far this year, with new hosting and DR solutions either completed or well underway. The simplicity, resilience and strength of vSphere never gets old! I have also had the privilege to attend several London VMUG meetings all of which have been excellent! They have been superb opportunities to meet new people, put faces to Twitter names and learn more about current and forthcoming technologies orientated around visualization.
Written by Simon Eady on 29/4/2013
Published under VMware
So then! of late my attention has been drawn to Cloud Credibility which is a fantastic place to help validate your own and others cloud expertise by completing various tasks. Among other things it encourages you to read up on white papers, carry out lab work (Hands-on-labs), watch training and informational materials and thus rewarding you with points for you and your team. What is also great is points really do mean prizes!
Written by Simon Eady on 15/3/2013
Published under vSphere
As some of you read previously, I had been experiencing disk latency issues on our SAN and tried many initial methods to troubleshoot and understand the root cause. Due to other more pressing issues this was placed aside until we started to experience VMs being occasionaly restarted by vSphere HA as the lock had been lost on a given VMDK file. (NOT GOOD!!) The Environment:- 3x vSphere 5.1 Hosts
Written by Simon Eady on 20/2/2013
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The voting is now open for your favourite VMware virtulization blogs over at With 200+ blogs now up and running with content covering every aspect from PowerCLI to VDI, technical deepdives and general VMware topical blogging! there is a very strong chance you will have read an article in at least a few of them.
Written by Simon Eady on 5/2/2013
Published under VMware and vSphere
Today while creating new VMs from a template I got the error “the server fault invalidargument had no message” when editing the VM settings, the settings were modified successfully but the error was present whether a change had been made or not to the settings of the VM. A quick search of the web suggested removing said VM from the inventory and re-adding from the datastore, for many this fixed the issue but not for me.